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How does e-check payment work?

E-checks payment is an easily acceptable mode of payment nowadays. It is an online payment method. Here money is electronically transferred.

But it’s a mode of transfer of money which is new to e-economy. Let us understand the practice in simple words. The paper check is inconspicuous in this method. So, how can e-check be the same as a paper check?

Here is a full-fledged procedure explained for the novice in this field:


1.Request for authorization:

For writing an e-check the payee writes electronic command. First, he visits the website which aids money transfer. When you log in the website such as e-check deposit online, registration procedure takes place. After sign in, the bank account information is linked to the website. Essential bank account information is entered in the system which is the first step to money transfer. Then with few clicks on the “yes” tab will initiate the e-check. This way you authorize the bank to make the payments. It may be treated as a digital signature.


2.Set up of information:

A pdf is generated when all this information is entered. This pdf is sent on the email address of the recipient who can download the check on his computer through the same website. A print of this e-check is taken and can be deposited in his bank. This print out is treated as the reality check which is sent to the client within seconds. So, a lot of time that is wasted in the transportation of paper check, is saved. E-checks payment by mail from your computer or mobile is treated as if it is your bank now.


3.Submission of print out:

When the client shows that print out to his own bank, the customer details acknowledge the standing payments. Thus, e-check payment by the web is a powerful tool to send money the same day. This way the businessman of today has control of his cash flow.


4.Payment confirmation:

The payment is drawn from the payee's account and gets credited to the recipient’s account with the online generation of command.

The financial institutions in the USA have extensive use of online payment processing through e-checks. This is very safe to handle. The amount of money that is electronically transferred has a limit. Only four digit amount can be transferred via e-checks. So, the amount of $10000 or more will not be realized by the e-checks. So, be sure that you have to transfer less than stated amounts only while using e-check payments in the USA.