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Why prefer ACH payment over credit card payment

  • 15-06-2019
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Are you tired of paper check deposits? With the explosive popularity of phones, it well could be. To continue providing services to existing clients and attract new ones, your business should consider adding e-check processing now in the USA. And if you’re viewing this move, ACH Payment Company has the right solution.


The company delivers the convenience of electronic payments through multiple payment solutions and payment methods, including ACH payment options. Having a credit card solution does not give the flexibility to the merchant to collect the payment from all clients. ACH Payment Processing and e-check payment services options provide a secure alternative to credit card payments.


Providing ACH payment processing services to USA client base greatly increases your online sales revenue, as your company becomes accessible to millions of US citizens. ACH payments are easy to make, secure, and ensure the validity of all transferred money. With three to ten day settlement and full transaction tracking, diversifying your e-check payments services with ACH will expand your online market and offer additional revenue for your e-Commerce business.


For merchants looking to offer their clients convenient payment options, ACH payment may be just the solutions they need. Accepting ACH payment processing in the USA has shown to assist merchants to boost sales by up to 20%. The ACH payment option opens up a merchant’s client’s base by allowing people who don't have credit cards – or who may prefer using the money they already have – to shop easily as they accept checks by internet or accept checks by web. In the USA, there are over 30% of adults who do not have a credit card, while over 90% of adults have active checking accounts which they can use to make online purchases if accepting ACH payment online option is available. That is a large market share that is being missed by those merchants who only accept credit cards.


Many businesses are now taking advantage of the e-check processing technology in the USA that the phone and utility companies have been using for over a decade. ACH- processing service makes it possible to turn to check by phone, fax, or web into an economical and secure payment method. ACH payment makes accepting checks by web and accepting check by internet cheaper and faster than accepting credit cards.


Client loyalty increases a great deal for merchants who offer e-checks payment services in the USA. Many Americans either don’t have credit cards or prefer not to go into debt when making purchases, therefore paying through e-check, using the money they already have in their bank account, is the best option.


With ACH payment processing company, you receive immediate payments for goods and services by printing a check on your customer’s behalf from your local computer. Improve sales today by being able to accept ACH payment online.


 ACH E-check payments have been developed, especially for businesses owners who wish to offer their clients a convenient and safe e-check payment processing. As we have been in the industry for a considerable number of years, we gained sufficient expertise in handling high-risk merchant accounts.


Whether you are a firm or a multi-national company, ACH payment processing company can offer you long-term e-check processing solutions, which are designed to keep your business operating successfully. ACH- processing works closely with any banks both in the United States and offshore. ACH payment can offer businesses in any high-risk firm with options specifically tailored to their needs. ACH payment is pleased to provide multiple banking solutions to business owners in a variety of high-risk industries.


ACH payment processing company has a well-trained team of customer support personnel and is available 24/7. Contact today the company to get Safe money transfer.


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