eCheck Deposit allows you to draft your clients bank account for payments. It is 100% web-based and provides a fast way of GETTING PAID! If you ask about the signature on the checks - The reason that the drafts are accepted by the bank, is that they carry a message in the print out that states, "Payment authorized by accountholder. Indemnification agreement provided by: your company name". This assures the bank that you have physically or verbally recorded proof in some form that the customer authorized the draft

YES, many businesses including phone and utility companies have been taking checks by phone/fax/web for years.

Not at all. Most ACH transactions are batched around midnight - and they will all process at the same time, so, even if you submit an ACH transaction at 6AM, it won't actually get processed until around midnight or at batch closing. In addition, it can take 48-72 hours for ACH transactions to actually be credited to your account.  So it is not faster.  If your client submits a check to you, and you get it in 5 minutes, you can get it to your bank before your 2pm cutoff for same day processing!

No.  A computer with an internet connection, any broswer and printer is all you need to get up and running!  Our system is web-based.  You do not need any software to download, install, or update.  We do it all for you.  And since we are web-based, you can login from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection!

As soon as you sign up for an account and confirm your password, you are good to go!

YES - We use many layers of security which will protect your data, as well as using secure SSL communications.  Our data center also had its own built-in firewalls and is monitored 24/7.  All sensitive information is encrypted using 128-bit encryption.  We also back up on a daily basis.

eCheckDirect does not verify nor guarantee funds in your clients' bank account.  Banking Systems do not provide an automated method to verify funds. The only way to verify that your check will clear is to call your customers bank and ask them if the account has sufficient funds for the check you are looking to process. Most banks will give you a yes or no answer, but not give you any additional detail on the account.